As the leading cause of death in Europe and soon worldwide, cancer is a challenge for human intelligence. The “Artificial Intelligence & Cancer” project aims to position France as a focal point of industrial interests in Europe and above all focuses on the emergence of new solutions for the benefit of patients.

Background & objectives

This project focuses on federating public and private stakeholders around a national initiative that will benefit the overall ecosystem for innovation in oncology and that will help develop innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to address needs that are currently unmet in cancer care.

The approach is very practical and based on the analysis of public and private cancer data for medical and industrial issues. These issues are organized in projects called Cancer Research Projects (CRP).

Thus, this project aims to modernize and differentiate the ecosystem for national cancer data by supporting its attractiveness in Europe and worldwide and allowing all stakeholders (public research, patients, startups and biotech companies) to have access to the benefits of the investments made.


Co-built on a unique public-private partnership, the “AI & Cancer” project is notably based on the expertise of ARIIS, pharmaceutical companies and the National Institute for Cancer.


The “AI & Cancer” project aims to :


The “HYBRID 2021” event under preparation!

The “HYBRID 2021” event under preparation! For the first time, ARIIS, AVIESAN, Leem, Bpifrance and France Biotech are joining their forces to create a new event: HYBRID. As a result of a merger between the Rencontres Internationales de la Recherche and the Rencontres Internationales des Biotechnologies, HYBRID aims to gather...

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