The Learning Expeditions offer industrial teams the opportunity to ‘immerse’ themselves through field visits, closely interacting with academic teams, within French centers of research or technological platforms of excellence. These exchanges are genuine sources of inspiration for new solutions or for fostering new public-private partnerships.


Newly proposed by ariis to its members, the Learning Expeditions aim to increase exchanges between the public and private sectors through visits to research centers, platforms, or infrastructures of excellence, such as those found at CEA, INSERM, and INRIA.

These half-day “immersions” are intended to benefit all stakeholders. Indeed, they allow both industrial and academic teams to reflect on common themes and challenges, to jointly explore emerging technologies, to question their own approaches to solutions, and ultimately, to strengthen bonds between participants and foster new partnerships.


Politique de Protection des Données
En raison des conditions sanitaires, l’événement se tiendra à distance par visioconférence. Seuls les intervenants sont invités à se rendre sur place sur le site de Neurospin, CEA Paris-Saclay. Merci de votre compréhension.

Last editions

14/09/2023 – 2nd edition


Place: PariSanté Campus

An immersion dedicated to the contribution of digital technology in the healthcare journey. A meeting between research actors and the most innovative startups in the field of digital health.

Find the program here.

13/04/2022 – 1st edition


Place: Neurospin (CEA Paris Saclay)

Launch of the first edition of Learning Expedition!

Discover high-tech platforms, meet entrepreneurs and experts, and engage with key stakeholders in high-level partnerships to accelerate drug and medical technology development and support businesses.