Context & objectives

The “Cluster of Excellence Working Group” aims to strengthen the ties between the public research sector and industry, thereby fostering public-private partnerships and promoting innovation.

Through this project, we focus on several strategic axes :

  • Improving understanding of the public research ecosystem: We are implementing initiatives aimed at better understanding the organization, structure, and funding of public research. This includes conducting a survey among our members, with a deadline set for the end of October, to identify key players and provide a finalized guide of research entities. Additionally, we are actively preparing a detailed presentation on the structure and funding of research, as well as a hearing regarding the Tunon de Lara-Armanteras Saxcé mission.

  • Promoting public-private partnerships: We encourage the sharing of needs and challenges faced by public and private actors through questionnaires and exchanges. We identify friction points as well as success stories, with the aim of facilitating collaboration between the two sectors. We also present various funding and partnership tools to support these initiatives. Additionally, we have set up sub-groups to produce specific recommendations regarding certain tools, such as cohorts, to strengthen partnerships.


In summary, our working group is committed to deciphering the organization of public research and promoting strong partnerships between the public and private sectors to foster innovation and progress in the field of healthcare.

In January 2024, Eric Papon, Mission Officer for Industrial and Socio-Economic Sectors at the University of Bordeaux, Innovation Advisor at France Universités, Scientific Coordinator for Public-Private Partnerships at ANR, and Sophie Trouillet from the Hospices Civils de Lyon–BioMérieux–CIRI Joint Research Laboratory REVIDA Chair, intervened.

Eric Papon

Sophie Trouillet

The complete guide is accessible to members.