Building on the dialogue and collaboration with its members and partners, ARIIS wants to be a pool for expertise and know-how. Its aim is to federate the healthcare sector around collective projects that will facilitate and accelerate the development of innovation: from the idea to patient access.

The IA & Health program is one of the four programs of the Healthcare Industry Strategic Committee whose main aim is to strengthen the structure and competitiveness of the health data sector in relation to all public proceedings (AI for diagnosis program, Health Data Hub, regulatory agencies)

As the leading cause of death in Europe and soon worldwide, cancer is a challenge for human intelligence. The “AI & Cancer” project aims to position France as a focal point of industrial interests in Europe and above all focuses on the emergence of new solutions for the benefit of patients

To date, more than 7,000 rare diseases affecting 400 million people worldwide including 3 million in France have been identified. There are still no approved treatments for 95% of these diseases. The use of real-world health data and AI may thus lead to major innovations in diagnosis and the identification of therapeutic molecules.


The “Artificial Intelligence & Health” program of the Strategic Contract for the Healthcare Industry and Health Technologies sectors (CST-ITS) includes two Task Forces (TF) to promote dialogue between stakeholders in the healthcare sector and government organizations).