Context & objectives

The ariis actively participates in the working group “New Clinical Trial Methodologies.”.

This joint initiative by the Health Innovation Agency and the F-CRIN infrastructure brings together 31 experts to work on developing usage recommendations, supported by practical cases.

The objective of this working group dedicated to new clinical research methodologies is to promote the dissemination and enhance the acceptability of new methodological approaches, particularly those using modelling and real-world data.

The alliance has been particularly involved in co-leading two working groups:

  • Working Group 2: “Measuring performance under conditions of use, both early and long-term,” with Emmanuel Pham from Novadiscovery, a member of ariis
  • Working Group 3: “Data management: level of structuring, quality, and validity of data,” with the General Delegate of ariis

For more information on this project, please visit the dedicated website by clicking here.



The first deliverables were published in May 2024:

  • Press release dated May 16, 2024, by clicking here.
  • Report from May 2024, “For the use of real-world health data in clinical research,” by clicking here.

To present the results of the first year of work, a day is organized on June 24th 2024 in Lille:

Next Generation of Clinical Research: AI, In Silico, and External Arm: Time to Make Them Real 

June 24, 2024 CHU de Lille;

Organized by: