The "AI & Health" Program in the spotlight at the "AI for Health" event !


The “AI for Health” event organized by Janssen and StartupInside on November 10, 2020 welcomed the project leaders and taskeforces from the AI & Health Program of the Strategic Contract for the Healthcare Industry and Health Technologies sectors. Thus, during a panel discussion led by Guy Eiferman, partner of Nextep, the President of the IA & Health Program, Emmanuelle Quilès, highlighted the challenges and ambitions of the Strategic Commitee before giving the floor to:

  • Marco Fiorini, Executive Director of ARIIS and leader of the AI & Cancer project, which aims to promote health data in oncology for the benefit of patients.
  • Catherine Reynaud, Director of Public Affairs at Pfizer and leader of the AI & Rare Diseases project, whose objective is shorten diagnostic odyssey and reduce diagnostic dead-end for patients.
  • Frédérique Debroucker, Director of Medtronic France and leader of the taskforce working on the economic model of the Health Data Hub, which published a series of concrete recommendations to the Health Data Hub.
  • Laurie Levy-Bachelot, Director of medico-economic evaluations at MSD and leader of the taskeforce working on optimizing the use of real-life data in decision-making.

To review all the discussions, access the replay!