Organoids: Innovation in Biomedical Research

Organized in October 2023 by ariis and France Biotech, this webinar open to all was an opportunity to raise awareness among participants about research on organoids, highlight recent advances in this field, and illustrate the importance of these mini-models for preclinical research and personalized medicine.

It was an opportunity to present the activities of the Organoids Research Group (GDR), a network with a pivotal role in animating the community and fostering synergies among researchers and different expertise within teams and technological platforms.

On this occasion, ariis renewed its commitment to supporting research on disruptive innovations, particularly in the field of organ-on-chip technology.

A big thank you to all the speakers: Maxime Mahe, Vincent Flacher, Laurent Poulain, Nathalie Vergnolle from the Organoids Research Group, Dinh-Phong Nguyen from ariis, as well as to France Biotech for this collaboration!

Discover or rediscover the webinar by clicking here.

RETEX Data Sharing Feedback

In March 2023, ariis organized an exclusive webinar reserved for members, focusing on best practices in data sharing.

This confidential event provided our members with a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, challenges, and solutions in this vital area.

Participants had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of best practices, exchange innovative ideas, and strengthen their professional network within our dynamic community.

Stay tuned for the recorded version of this webinar, which will soon be available for all members who were unable to attend live.

We thank all participants for their commitment and valuable contribution to this initiative. Together, we continue to promote excellence and innovation in the field of information technology and systems.