Context & objectives

Ariis, committed to research, innovation, and the healthcare industry, actively participates in projects aimed at harnessing the potential of health data to improve healthcare systems and promote therapeutic innovation. In this context, we align ourselves with the dynamics of the Strategic Committee for Artificial Intelligence and Health, an initiative bringing together healthcare industry players and public authorities to enhance and accelerate the healthcare data ecosystem.

Health data represents an invaluable opportunity to build a more efficient healthcare system, serving the common good. They play a crucial role in deepening our understanding of diseases and healthcare pathways, optimizing access to treatments, and personalizing patient care. Furthermore, they contribute to accelerating therapeutic innovation by enabling the evaluation of new treatments.

Under the presidency of Corinne Blachier-Poisson from AMGEN, our objectives within the CSF are:

  • Create and structure a dynamic innovation sector dedicated to advancing healthcare and research.
  • Fully leverage the potential of real-world data to accelerate the development of innovative solutions, particularly by facilitating market access.
  • Develop and promote ethical guarantees to ensure patient acceptance of the secondary use of their health data.
  • Evaluate the rules for the collection, provision, and use of health data in accordance with European and international practices.

The AI & Health use case, integrated into the initial Strategic Filing Agreement, demonstrates our commitment to making France a European leader in predictive health and precision medicine. This vision has materialized through the establishment of the AI & Cancer Filing, which highlights the added value of using health data for innovation in oncology.

We believe that maintaining a program within the CSF dedicated to health data remains crucial in the face of persistent challenges, including adoption by all stakeholders and competitiveness on the international stage. With the approaching deadline of the European Regulation on Health Technology Assessment (EU HTA) in 2025, discussions around health data are of paramount importance. Similarly, the emergence of the European Health Data Space (EHDS), with France at the forefront through the Health Data Hub, requires special attention.

The program is structured as follows:

  • Anticipate data generation needs and enrich available data.
  • Harness and monetize the data.
  • Benchmark and learn from other countries.
  • Ensure patient buy-in and ethical digital health practices.

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