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"Data, AI and Health Care Procedures"

The objective of this call is to identify and support projects proposing breakthrough innovations based on the use of health data. Find out about the 5 selected projects…

This new project, led by a group of private sector participants (pharmaceutical laboratories, medical equipment manufacturers and digital health companies) as well as public health bodies, is part of the “AI and Health” program of the CSF (Comité Stratégique de Filière) and the ITS (Technologies de la Santé)


Learning Expeditions give industrial teams the opportunity to “immerse themselves” with field visits to get closer to academic teams, French research centers or technology platforms of excellence. These exchanges provide sources of inspiration for new solutions or to develop new public-private partnerships.


Les journées HYBRID, nées des Rencontres Internationales de la Recherche, ont l’ambition de valoriser à l’international des recherches ou des technologies dans lesquelles la France excelle. Ces journées sont une opportunité d’échange unique entre équipes industrielles, chercheurs académiques et start-ups permettant de créer des passerelles publiquesprivées ou privées-privées.


The HYBRID days that were initiated by the Rencontres Internationales de la Recherche aim to promote French research and technology abroad. These days are a unique opportunity for exchanges between industry teams, academic researchers and startups and to create public-private or private-private partnerships.


Le Cohort Innovation Day a pour objectif de soutenir la collaboration entre les cohortes françaises et les industries de santé. Ainsi, tous les deux ans,le Cohort Innovation Day offre un moment d’échange privilégié entre des équipes industrielles et des cohortes d’excellence pour définir de nouvelles pistes de collaboration sur des projets de recherche et développement.

The aim of ARIIS (Health Industry Alliance for Research and Innovation) which was founded in 2010 is to federate the healthcare sector around collective events or projects.
ARIIS interacts with all stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem in order to :

ARIIS is defining itself as a center for French research and innovation.